NTH provides mobile solutions which cover all platforms.

Our frameworks are perfected through years of experience to ensure quality and rapid application development


Mobile applications

NTH mobile applications cover all platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian. We use self developed frameworks perfected through years of experience to ensure quality and rapid application development.

Today's modern business has outgrown stand-alone applications. It requires a complete integration with core business system. NTH has accumulated vast experience in development of these exact applications, deeply integrated into our client's business systems.

Mobile internet


Mobile internet allows users to access the internet while they are on the move. It provides solutions to all types of communication requirements of today's society.

Mobile portals offer a wide array of services such as current news, shop locators, traffic jam alerts, TV programs or route planners, and many more. Using mobile internet companies can offer their customers a more comprehensive service than with any other platform.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising provides a means to monetize your mobile site or application. Using extensive targeting options and data from NTH CRM, you can identify exactly what your customers are interested in.

This allows you to deliver the appropriate promotional message directly to your users' mobile device.  You can track your campaigns in real time, monitor conversion rate, enable ad exchange for greater fill rate and audience reach -  all this to insure a high CTR.

NTH CRM is a software product based on advanced strategy for customer relationship management highly adapted to new trends in business and technology.  It supports all different activities of customer relationship management: data collection, targeting, analyses, conducting marketing campaigns, and other.

Widely-recognized traditional benefits of customer relationship management, such as service improvement, loyalty and retention, better profiling and targeting, reduced expenses and increased market share, are enriched and expanded with new dimensions. Our goal was to take the best of new trends and the best of traditional customer relationship management concepts to build the modern philosophy.