About us

With 12 years of mobile expertise, NTH is the partner for both mobile advanced companies as well as those which are just getting into mobile. This wide array of service is due to the fact that NTH has participated in all stages of mobile growth: from first SMS messages to the most advanced integrated solutions for all mobile channels (mobile applications on different smartphone and tablets platforms).

NTH provides complete mobile solutions:

  • full mobile strategy consultancy,
  • smartphone application development (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WP7),
  • mobile portals development,
  • integrating any form of interactive service across SMS, MMS, Voice and Internet.

NTH Media GmbH is part of NTH Group – leading European AISP (Application and Infrastructure Service Provider) for mobile services. NTH Group was founded 1999. in Switzerland. Today it has subsidiaries in 11 European countries with over 220 employees.